First DUI Offenses in NJ

Have you been ticketed in New Jersey for drunk driving? Is it your first offense? Well, you might be wondering what the penalties are, what you’re facing, and mostly how much trouble you’re in.
For a first offense, the penalties can vary depending upon your blood alcohol reading, which determines the levels of alcohol in your blood at the time of testing. If the reading was anywhere from 0.08% to 0.99% you’re facing a $250 to $400 fine, a license suspension of three months, fees and costs of about $364, and at least 12 hours in an intoxicated drivers resource center.
Now the statute does provide for jail time, but there’s a presumption against that for a first offense, so in the vast majority of first offense cases there’s no jail time. If your reading was 0.1% or higher, then you’re facing a $300 to $500 fine, the same $364 in fees and costs, a license suspension of seven months to a year, and 12 to 30 hours in an intoxicated drivers resource center. Also, dependent upon your reading, you might be required to use what’s an ignition interlock device for a certain period of time after your suspension is over. If you’ve been ticketed for drunk driving in Southern New Jersey, call a lawyer to discuss your options and possible actions to take to avoid jail time.

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